Data List Detail

Quick List Access – In your area


Immediate access to our cataloged directory of Assumable Mortgages. Receive a Quick list data file of all FHA and VA Assumable homes within our existing directory of homes for your State. Then login at your convenience to view new properties added to your state monthly.


Immediate Access.  You will be able to view and download a list of all FHA and VA Assumable from our existing directory (For 1 state).  This file will also be sent digitally to your email. All data represents properties with interest rates between 2-5.1%. It contains contact information, property and mortgage details. Most use this list to research property details before making contact with the seller. Access to this list enables you to connect with the owner before anyone else, but is not a promise to secure an assumption. Nor does it guarantee a homeowner response. Since this data is subjected to constant change some properties may have already been sold.

Once you order the list, you own it! Please do not attempt to share access to the information or your account will be suspended. Please do not share the information publicly. Our pricing is transparent, and there are no refunds for this service. We don't charge extra fees for using the contacts we give you. There are no hidden fees or contracts.