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Eliminate foreclosure cost

Non performing mortgage loans are a nuisance, but they can be made profitable again. Instead of paying the average cost of $50,000* to foreclose a property, act before the note falls too far behind. We work with lenders who want to help homeowners behind in payments. Turn those loans around, using minimal paperwork strategies.  Your Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans are assumable.


Keep your loans in-house

Transfer the mortgage to a credit worthy buyer and keep the loan in house.  In addition to having the power to adjust the interest rate, & balance owed, you can re-assign the liability to any buyer who wants to assume it. We help you find credit worthy buyers who are ready to take over.


Yes you can!

Keep your loans in-house. Find buyers who can assume non performing loans quickly.  Call to import your properties today.



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60 Assets example

Typical Pre-foreclosure cost* $3,000,000

Projected Savings $2.9MM