Step 1.        Verify it

Verify the mortgage is assumable, by using our verification tool below. It only takes 60 seconds. Agents should briefly discuss this strategy with the homeowner,  and may share our brochure to gather a few needed mortgage details.

  • All properties must have an assumable mortgage.

Important note: Check payments are not an option. For the homeowners protection, the property address being listed must match the card payment address.Tips- Keep a copy of the signature’d document.


Step 2.          Post it

Post it in our Assumable Listing Directory by clicking the button below. This will require you to create a free user account that includes your agent number, phone number, and your Paypal email address. The homeowners consent is required. When a buyer expresses interest, facilitate the sale as usual.

  • Homeowner address must match credit card used.

Important note: For the homeowners protection, the posting will only be accepted if the property address matches the card payment address.  At your convenience you may “Login” to your new user account for maintenance, messages, or to add more properties.  Please remember to mark the property as sold.


Step 3.     Expect payment

$100 is the exact payment amount you will earn.  All payments are automated and should arrive via Paypal within 2-3 weeks.  As an agent independent from, you are responsible for any applicable taxes. The automated Paypal notification will be delivered from

  • Agent must have pay pal account.
  • Agent must have homeowners consent.

Important note: For settlement reasons, there are absolutely no refunds to the seller once your payment has been scheduled. If there is a discrepancy please contact us immediately for resolution.