Improve your selling situation.  Transferring your assumable mortgage is a better solution for people with negative equity.  Here are 4 things you no longer have to do if you have an underwater mortgage.

  1. Wait it out –  For some properties it could take decades to recover the amount of negative equity the housing crisis caused. Since it was not fault of your own, you should not be jailed for a crime you did not commit.
  2. Short Sell out – There is a simple fact to this. If you sell it for less than you paid for it, you will end up losing money.
  3. Rent it out – Renting your home is not always as lucrative as some say.  And dealing with the headache of renters may not be the easiest thing to manage.
  4. Spread it out – Refinance programs are great but… none of them actually remove the negative equity.  While you may end up with a smaller payment, all you are truly doing is spreading out the negative equity over a longer period of time.