For a while, Banks were overwhelmed with short sales and foreclosures that hurt their balance sheet.  Now that we have climbed out of that hole most home values are rising.  Some however continue to decrease across the nation.  This has become an ugly cycle that needs serious correction.  Reviving the assumable mortgage market makes more sense than ever.  And now we have done it!  Instead of forcing a buyer to secure new financing the seller can transfer their debt almost seamlessly.  This may sound odd initially, but if you do some research you will find there are many advantages to this decades old option.  Even though this economy is strangling our liquidity, leaving sellers with no equity, and hurting balance sheets everywhere, this is a solution.  As a temporary fix, Assumable Mortgages help lenders save at least a portion of their financial portfolio and homeowners who feel trapped would be able to save their credit by exiting their situations with dignity.