Time is your most valuable asset.   We all know this, but we continue to rely on services that have a long sales cycle.  How many of us have missed out on a buying opportunity because of the time lost trying to coordinate the process? There are in most cases 20-30 different people involved in a sale (realtors, sellers, buyers, lenders, and etcetera) all trying to coordinate efforts to close a sale. It’s a process that needs to be broken up.  But until that happens, we not longer need to believe we are left with no choice. There is a company out there that helps explain how to bypass all of this. Takelist.com   Takelist is a dedicated assumable mortgage directory, but is also a resource that helps you bypass all traditional cost that normally mark up the price of a home sale. This strategy has been around for decades, but not many know about it.  A true time saver.  If it saves time it saves money too!  Take a look for yourself.  Takelist.com