Your assumable property will meet the needs of the average online house hunter.  Why? Assumable properties are typically valued between $100K-$500K. This price point appeals to the largest audience of on-line buyers and accounts for almost 90% of the market.  You can expect good results when you list the home yourself in this case.  If your home however is priced higher than $800K the reality is you may need to utilize a broker. Why? Less than 1% of the nation can afford a property valued above $1 million. In addition, buyers in that income bracket do not normally house hunt online. A real-estate broker would better serve larger efforts. Even the founder of For Sale By Owner could not sell his own $2.15 million apartment himself.  So the simple rule is: List it yourself if the price is less than $500K.  List with a Broker if your price is near or above $1MM.

Your targeted audience is controled by the Price –  Aim at the target !