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Building a network of self motivated entrepreneurs requires a host of products and services. Enter the mortgage and real estate arena through our A.L.S (Assumable Listing Service) option.   Certifications are not required for FSBO properties.  We offer a renewable MLM membership that is easy to implement.


How does it work?


50 cents of every dollar  that comes into our company is paid out to independent agents. We provide the access you will need to be compensated for seller postings, earn consult commissions, and profit from buyers property leads.


Is there a giant compensation plan?


Strong opinions favor personal preference of INTEGRITY over pay.  Company owners and their ability to lead a network marketing business is important . We believe our binary plan ensures the most stability in the market place.  Learn more about our Compensation plan


Easy recruiting – Sensible needs 


Persons you sponsor cannot break away from you.  Plus agents establish seniority by annual profitability rights during the first 5 years.  Everyone receives the data fields required to create a online tracking.


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Personally endorsed by   Teshan Lewis  Founder – Owner – Author