The seller and buyer can jointly change this at their county clerks office for a small fee.  The document you want to use to change the deed is called a “Quit Claim Deed”.  While its recommended to consult with a property attorney before filing a new deed, you can prepare the document yourself. Sometimes this can vary by state.  Its not hard to  prepare (make) the deed yourself.  This is what a quit claim deed looks like.  Free Legal Form. Copy it exactly.  Bringing a copy of the current property deed or requesting a title search when your get to the county clerks office will help.  They cannot help you prepare the document.
1. What is a deed? A deed is a document that transfers the ownership of real estate. Quit claim deeds are used when property is transferred without an exchange of money.
2. Can I make out my own deed? Yes
3. How can I be sure of this?  This is outlined in your lenders assumption process steps.  Call your lender and ask them to walk you through the assumption process steps.

Otherwise – use a title services company.