There are two ways to find low interest mortgage rates between 2-4%. First and foremost you will need to locate an assumable mortgage in the area you are looking to buy your home. Once you find a property, simply ask the seller. However, the easiest way to get all of this data at once is to order a  Interest Rate list of assumable mortgages from us. This assumable strategy is a home buying technique that allows buyers to take over the remaining payment term and rate. These homes are off market assumable mortgages, were established when rates were lower than 5%, and the list helps buyers get in front of the competition to prevent bidding wars. facts


Home Buying 101
-Find the lowest Interest Rate Mortgage
-Find the shortest payment term
-Bypass as much closing & settlement cost as possible
-Avoid bidding wars, by getting there first


Short Answer: Get a list of Assumable Interest Rate Mortgages