Since 1934 the largest insurer of residential mortgages in the world, has over 70 million assumable properties. Acquiring a list of assumable mortgages is the first step to getting into one of these properties.  Below are a few of the benefits of pursuing an assumable property before it goes on the market for sale.


  • Save 5 -10 years of mortgage payments.
  • Acquire a low interest rate mortgage between 2-5%
  • Bypass escrow fees, document fees, appraisal fees, points and brokerage commissions.
  • Own a proprietary list formulated for Assumptions.  Some of the data includes home specs, assumable mortgage property details, owner contact name, property address, phone, 100% opt-in email, and more.

There are many assumable homes in the market that are not yet listed on the market by realtors and other liscenced  professionals.  Their list is different from our list. Realtor list display homes for sale with transactions that require settlement cost.  Our private list is not a list of homes for sale, but helps you to “make contact first and avoid all settlement cost”. While we cannot promise a sale, our Robust, Interest Rate, and Deluxe data list are current and verified by the government.  The robust, interest rate, and deluxe list normally includes home specifics like the number of beds and bathrooms, Public Assumable Mortgage details, full contact name, address, 100% opt-in email,  and in some cases could include the owners potential social handle information. Our Quick list data offers a more basic list of property addresses, names, and emails of owners with assumable mortgages.

After any purchase feel free to use our site tools, and complete our 8 steps to assume a home. We in-turn will coordinate with you the use of our free automated tools that can help trigger the initial assumption discussion.


Private list pricing