How do I find a low interest rate mortgage?

There are two ways to find low interest mortgage rates between 2-4%. First and foremost you will need to locate an assumable mortgage in the area you are looking to buy your home. Once you find a property, simply ask the seller. However, the easiest way to get all of this data at once is to

What is Loan to Value Ratio

Low equity can be determined by the property LTV. Technically – The loan-to-value ratio is a metric lenders use to determine their risk of loaning money.  The higher the ratio, the higher the risk.  It simply is the resulting figure after comparing the market value of the property vs the amount owed against the mortgage. 

Can an LLC business assume a mortgage?

Yes absolutely. To be eligible for an FHA loan as a small business owner, you must fit one of the following business structures: sole proprietorship, partnerships, limited liability corporation (LLC), corporation, or “S” corporation. You are only eligible if you own 25% or more of the business.   Feel free to verify HUD’s Investment Property Eligibility and Underwriting in Section 4 Section

What do I do with a private property list

There are several steps to consider.  Step 1. Express interest in the property. Be ready to say the right things to the owner. Our consultation is highly recommended as it prepares you for this.  Step 2. Respond to homeowner interest. To learn how to properly respond to homeowner interest please use our consultation service. Private

Why buy a private property list

Since 1934 the largest insurer of residential mortgages in the world, has over 70 million assumable properties. Acquiring a list of assumable mortgages is the first step to getting into one of these properties.  Below are a few of the benefits of pursuing an assumable property before it goes on the market for sale. FACTS

What is included in the Complete Assumable Facilitation Service package?

This is our full service package which includes all of the services available in our directory.  Our team will consult with you, locate and present a list of assumable property options based on your desired criteria. With your permission we will coordinate the first 5 of 8 easy steps of the assumption process with you. 

Is this a new service?

Yes. This directory service is new. The strategy however is decades old. We are now the dedicated resource for finding assumable mortgages, and will continue to educate home owners and buyers of this option. Although this has been around for years, many do not know their mortgage is assumable, and can transfer it to someone

Is this for you?

This strategy is for: Buyers: Buyers with a FICO credit score of 530 or higher. Buyers who are willing to speak directly with the seller. Buyers who are looking to by pass all settlement fees, down payment cost, and years of mortgage payments. Home Owners/Sellers: Homeowners who have a FHA, VA or ARM loan, has little or

What is an assumable mortgage?

Assumable mortgage – A mortgage that can be transferred with no change in terms. Most VA/FHA/ & some Adjustable Rate loans are assumable. We have the tools to help you verify if any loan is assumable. FHA Assumable Mortgages – All FHA mortgages made after December 14, 1989, can be assumed. All FHA mortgages made

What are the benefits?

Avoid all traditional cost associated with buying & selling a home. Release Seller liability, Preserve seller credit rating, Prevent exposure to any financial loss Shorter mortgage payment term No Down Payment Cost No Closing Cost Minimal paperwork No Bidding Wars Home Affordability No Appraisal Cost Prevent Tax loss Preserve credit score Convenient Signing process Assumable