Reach your target market

Your assumable property will meet the needs of the average online house hunter.  Why? Assumable properties are typically valued between $100K-$500K. This price point appeals to the largest audience of on-line buyers and accounts for almost 90% of the market.  You can expect good results when you list the home yourself in this case.  If

Generate buyer leads for your properties

Showcase any real estate property that has assumable financing with All leads are free and automated so that Realtors can continue to facilitate the entire sale. Whether you are the listing agent, or a realtor who would like to represent pre approved buyers, it is easy to upload property details and images.  You will

Real estate Relief

Homeowners with little or no equity value can free themselves of their mortgage commitment and save their credit rating. How?  FHA and VA loans are assumable! While equity values are declining, the reality is the assumable price may be more attractive to buyers.  A mortgage assumption involves simply finding a willing and able buyer to

Principal Balance reduced

Even if your loan is a Assumable Mortgage, the pricipal balance on your account can be reduced.  The US Treasury Department implemented a program called the “hardest hit fund” in 2010.   The Obama Administration recognized this economy had burried homes so far underwater there was no other way to restore the homeowner without simply writing off the debt.  Struggling with mortgage payments or facing foreclosure can be

Refinance to get rid of your Underwater Mortgage balance

Take advantage of Obama’s “America Built To last” plan.  It calls to action any homeowner to simply refinance their home. Since all FHA & VA mortgages are protected by the government, the negative equity can be absorbed by the government. It is not a loan modification. This is only available through a new loan with

The FHA Streamline Refinance program

If you have assumed a FHA mortgage and are current on payments, the FHA will refinance the assumed mortgage even if it is “underwater”. There are no appraisals necessary and congress has recently raised the maximum mortgage limit you could have.  Take a look at what the maximum loan amount for your area is @  FHA

Assumable mortgages benefit the buyer & seller

There are several benefits to assuming a mortgage.  By avoiding all Realty, Down Payment, Closing, & Appraisal cost you are not exposed to anything that would normally mark up the price. In addition there are no bidding wars to contend with. You will own the property for the current loan amount, which could be much

Home Inspection

A inspection gives the buyer an unbiased review of the overall condition of the home.  While assumable properties do not require an inspection prior to purchase, doing this beforehand does provide protection. The primary objective is to take an in-depth visual examination of the physical condition, structure, equipment, finishes, and mechanical systems. Depending on your

Define your search criteria

There is a massive inventory of homes for sale on line.  Many generically advertise the anticipated monthly payment. These serve as a great guide to follow, but why leave it up to a “guess”.  Get the exact amount.  Understanding the monthly payment you are comfortable with can make or break the sale.  Ask your trusted

Financing the assumable loan

Can a buyer offer “Owner Financing” for an assumable loan?  Yes.  Some would say No, but really its all a play on words. It is the equivalent of a “refinance”.  The buyer must simply understand the 2-step process.  Each step is a separate legal transaction.  They will have to Assume the sellers current financing first. Then they