Assumable Mortgages – What is the sellers incentive?

Here are a few fundamental reasons. Attractive Pricing Sells The assumable price is more attractive to buyers.  1. Buyers do not need any out of pocket money to assume a loan. 2 Buyers with Lower credit Scores can afford a home. 3 Buyers Avoid PMI because many of these loans no longer have it, and

How do I change the deed to my property?

The seller and buyer can jointly change this at their county clerks office for a small fee.  The document you want to use to change the deed is called a “Quit Claim Deed”.  While its recommended to consult with a property attorney before filing a new deed, you can prepare the document yourself. Sometimes this

Real estate time lines

Time is your most valuable asset.   We all know this, but we continue to rely on services that have a long sales cycle.  How many of us have missed out on a buying opportunity because of the time lost trying to coordinate the process? There are in most cases 20-30 different people involved in a sale

Hammering away at real estate boundaries

To our fellow home owners who cant sell in this market. Dont give up. Keep hammering away.  You may be surprised to hear there are organizations concerned about your plight. At first you asked “Who is responsible?” Now its better to just ask “Who can help?”  Companies like educate the market on how to bypass all seller and buyer cost. It is a decades old

Homeowners – Your mortgage is Assumable

Take advantage of your current mortgage terms.  FHA, VA, & ARM loans are assumable mortgages. This allows you to transfer your financing to a buyer with minimum expense and maximum benefits. This technique gives consumers another way out if they have not had success selling the traditional way. It drives down homeowner cost, releases all

Avoid PMI

That’s right, a good share of Assumable Loans do not have PMI. Before the downward spiral of real estate values began in 2008 many loan products did not require Private Mortgage Insurance.  This makes old Assumable loan products more attractive than ever. The beauty of this is, even if its current home value ratio is

Mortgage assumption protection

Knowing how to protect yourself from a fraudulent mortgage assumption is important. Don’t pay your mortgage payments to anyone other than your lender or loan servicer. Make sure the person who assumes the loan “records” your name with the trust company that holds the mortgage. If the person you are assuming the loan from doesn’t

Facilitating the sale smoothly

Assumable Real estate transactions certainly can save lots of dough, but there are some good reasons to have your realtor facilitate the sale.  Since it is a financial investment you may want to know that it does not cover things un-attached to the “dwelling”. Also, inspections for termites, asbestos, structural damage, mold, septic tank and

Resurrecting assumable loans

For a while, Banks were overwhelmed with short sales and foreclosures that hurt their balance sheet.  Now that we have climbed out of that hole most home values are rising.  Some however continue to decrease across the nation.  This has become an ugly cycle that needs serious correction.  Reviving the assumable mortgage market makes more

Reach your target market

Your assumable property will meet the needs of the average online house hunter.  Why? Assumable properties are typically valued between $100K-$500K. This price point appeals to the largest audience of on-line buyers and accounts for almost 90% of the market.  You can expect good results when you list the home yourself in this case.  If