How do I get started?

Pay Online Create user account: You must have a valid email address. Click Sell it or List it to begin. Pay: Your property will post in the directory immediately. A notification is sent to your email address with your login and password details. Maintenance: Conveniently make adjustments to your account information using the login and

How are we different?

We are a strategic resource for locating all assumable homes in the US. We offer a consultation service and a strategy that protects the financial interest of both the Buyer and Seller.  We advertise the monthly payment instead of the purchase price. We help buyers locate homes before any mark up in price occurs.  Assumable homes

Is this a new service?

Yes. This directory service is new. The strategy however is decades old. We are now the dedicated resource for finding assumable mortgages, and will continue to educate home owners and buyers of this option. Although this has been around for years, many do not know their mortgage is assumable, and can transfer it to someone

Will this solve the housing crisis?

Inflated housing prices and appraisal reviews were two major components that led to the 2007 economic downfall.  In addition, several bank failures were the direct result of volatile mortgage lending. While it will take some time to undo the effects of these, transferring the sellers financing on to the buyer does resolves the issue of

Can I entertain multiple offers at the same time?

Yes. You can entertain multiple offers at the same time. In this scenario your lender will most likely accept the person who is most credit worthy.

What is the fastest way to generate buyer interest?

Increase interest by marketing your property to buyers online. In today’s online world, curb appeal has taken on a whole new meaning. When buyers take a fresh look at your home through the eyes of the internet, you can invoke an emotional response.  It will be positive if you have good photos.  In fact, within

Where can I confirm credibility?

There are many resources available online. We in fact are so confident in our service, we are happy to share credible competitor resources with you. Take a look and then Take advantage of our service today. Creditable Resource 1 Creditable Resource 2 Creditable Resource 3

What is House Swapping? can also be used as a House swapping resource. Relocating to a different city or state is important when you are changing business location or simply want to move to a warmer climate. In addition trying to buy “contingent upon selling” can be difficult. Some have even missed out on buying their dream home