Smart marketing and pricing

We all know… the single most important factor to consider when selling a house is the “price tag”.  This is why the “assumable” price will be more attractive to buyers.   We also know demand and interest wayne after being on the market for 21 days.   So marketing is important too.  To ensure a seller doesn’t

Selling Power

There is nothing worse than putting a house up for sale and watching it sit on the market. So here is a tip. Use the power of the internet. 20,000 guaranteed showings within 30 days should get the job done! offers services like this.  Homeowners who post their property with our directory can add-on marketing

Negative equity solutions

One of the many issues homeowners in the United States face is negative equity.  Reports calculated 23% at the end of 2010.  You’ll be glad to know, homeowners who want to move are not stuck in their situation.  Nor do they need to wait till the market recovers.  Visit if you have a FHA/VA

Help for homeowners who are underwater on their mortgage

Yes, mortgages everywhere are underwater. Instead of talking about the issue, lets talk about the solution. Lets first deal with the mental anxiety we all have on the subject. Find comfort in the thought that YOU have a place to live. Also accept the fact “the market is going to recover”. It may take years,

FHA Rate Hike/Remedy

FHA is increasing the annual mortgage insurance premium by .25% starting April 18th 2011, This increase in cost will add another $40 per month to a $200,000 loan or drop buying power by close to another $8000. In addition other industry forecast a hike in interest rates. When you add it all up, home affordability

Real estate time lines

Time is your most valuable asset.   We all know this, but we continue to rely on services that have a long sales cycle.  How many of us have missed out on a buying opportunity because of the time lost trying to coordinate the process? There are in most cases 20-30 different people involved in a sale

Assumable mortgages: The old way – The new way.

Most people use Craigslist to make persons aware of their assumable property, but they may find to be a more useful resource for this.  They too offer a free service. Takelist is a directory dedicated to assumable mortgages only and currently the only company offering this service nationally. It is otherwise a challenge to

Changing Real estate

Wow! In some states the number of new home listings coming on the market has declined 27.3 percent from a year ago today.  In addition the average days on the market  continue to rise, while the oringal price point shrinks. This is very painful for some of us.  This activity is understandable given the challenges in the market but a change

Hammering away at real estate boundaries

To our fellow home owners who cant sell in this market. Dont give up. Keep hammering away.  You may be surprised to hear there are organizations concerned about your plight. At first you asked “Who is responsible?” Now its better to just ask “Who can help?”  Companies like educate the market on how to bypass all seller and buyer cost. It is a decades old

Real estate -What are some other selling options available this year?

What can home owners do when they are up side down in their property value?  There are a few options to consider.  In addition to lowering the interest rate of your loan you can also lower the balance.  There are several loan modification programs available, some of which will also reduce the amount of negative