How do I change the deed to my property?

The seller and buyer can jointly change this at their county clerks office for a small fee.  The document you want to use to change the deed is called a “Quit Claim Deed”.  While its recommended to consult with a property attorney before filing a new deed, you can prepare the document yourself. Sometimes this

Generate buyer leads for your properties

Showcase any real estate property that has assumable financing with All leads are free and automated so that Realtors can continue to facilitate the entire sale. Whether you are the listing agent, or a realtor who would like to represent pre approved buyers, it is easy to upload property details and images.  You will

Divorce Solution – A Foreclosure and short sale alternative that preserve credit ratings and minmizes financial losses

There is only one solution thus far for underwater mortgages that, preserves the homeowners credit rating, prevents financial Loss &  gives full release of Liability. Take advantage of +13 Million home owners are underwater and find it a challenge to get out of their home without either taking a financial loss or damaging their

Real estate Relief

Homeowners with little or no equity value can free themselves of their mortgage commitment and save their credit rating. How?  FHA and VA loans are assumable! While equity values are declining, the reality is the assumable price may be more attractive to buyers.  A mortgage assumption involves simply finding a willing and able buyer to

Principal Balance reduced

Even if your loan is a Assumable Mortgage, the pricipal balance on your account can be reduced.  The US Treasury Department implemented a program called the “hardest hit fund” in 2010.   The Obama Administration recognized this economy had burried homes so far underwater there was no other way to restore the homeowner without simply writing off the debt.  Struggling with mortgage payments or facing foreclosure can be

Avoid PMI

That’s right, a good share of Assumable Loans do not have PMI. Before the downward spiral of real estate values began in 2008 many loan products did not require Private Mortgage Insurance.  This makes old Assumable loan products more attractive than ever. The beauty of this is, even if its current home value ratio is

Transferring the title of a home

The buyer or the bank can transfer the title. Lenders normally complete this automatically at no cost. Otherwise recording it can be done at the county court house for less than $50 in most areas.  What is more important than the “Title” is the “Deed”. Title companies do not hold the Deed to any property, the

Refinance to get rid of your Underwater Mortgage balance

Take advantage of Obama’s “America Built To last” plan.  It calls to action any homeowner to simply refinance their home. Since all FHA & VA mortgages are protected by the government, the negative equity can be absorbed by the government. It is not a loan modification. This is only available through a new loan with

The FHA Streamline Refinance program

If you have assumed a FHA mortgage and are current on payments, the FHA will refinance the assumed mortgage even if it is “underwater”. There are no appraisals necessary and congress has recently raised the maximum mortgage limit you could have.  Take a look at what the maximum loan amount for your area is @  FHA

Homeowners – Your mortgage is Assumable

Take advantage of your current mortgage terms.  FHA, VA, & ARM loans are assumable mortgages. This allows you to transfer your financing to a buyer with minimum expense and maximum benefits. This technique gives consumers another way out if they have not had success selling the traditional way. It drives down homeowner cost, releases all